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SCAM HARVESTING TOOLS MALAYSIA NUI LIAN FOOK, LIAN KEONG NUI, NUI SENG SIN POH RESOURCES have stolen-SCAM USD$70,000 from our company based in Brazil.We wired them this amount for harvesting tools, they have vanished.

Mr.Nui Lian Fook (Identity Card Number: 740508-10-5211) Lian Keong Nui and Nui Seng are thieves. Don't do business with these people as you won't see your goods. They operate a business and are constantly changing the name of the company either SIN POH RESOURCES, NEW POH RESOURCES, RESOURCES HARVESTING POH RESOUCES, ANY VARIANT. DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH these people!

They told us goods would be shipped within 3 months yet it never happened. Commercial Crime in KL unit is investigated them.

Be aware!The home address for the Nui brother's home is:No4 Jalan Muhibbah 9 Taman Muhibbah 42700 Banting Home phone number:+60331872441.

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Good afternoon Dear Sirs, this company also has robbed us, we are a company importing tool malaysia, we have a lawyer who is helping us, but do not know if it's reliable, any comments or ideas in order to get our money for Please us know

to Jorge #723234

Señor Jorge,nosotros tambien tenemos abogado,somos una empresa de Guatemala,y esta empresa nos ha robado tambien.Por favor tengan cuidado *** esta empresa no les giren dinero,son unos estafadores.

Sin Poh Resources - HARVESTING TOOLS SCAM Nui Lian Fook, Lian Keong Nui

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Our clients have been victims of commercial fraud by NEW SIN POH RESOURCES, SIN POH RESOURCES, NUI BROTHER AGRICULTURAL TOOL OR any new ALIAS to a agricultural tool manufacturing company based in Klang-Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. The owners of this business are Mr.Nui Lian Fook (Identity Card Number: 740508-10-5211), Mr.Lian Keong Nui and Mr.Nui Seng all related(Brothers). The address of this factory that supplies tools to the oil palm industry is Lot 815c, Jalan Klang Banting, 42600 Jenjarom, Klang, Malaysia. Our clients transferred USD$16,500 for 500 sets of Aluminum Poles M222 on February 5, 2012. This order was supposed to be completed and shipped to South America on May 1, 2012. It is now February 9.2013 and we have received numerous excuses, deceptions and lies for the lack of completion to the order. The Nui brothers do not want to honor the international order that was made and are completely washing their hands for the embezzlement of their brother Lian Keong Nui. I want to highlight that on behalf of our clients I filed a police report for commercial fraud against Sin Poh Resources (SG.JAROM/002134/12) on July 12, 2012 at the Klang Police Station.

During my brief I met with Inspector Douglas whom directed me to another official. I once again gave a small brief alongside all the documents which are evidence to the case of commercial fraud by Sin Poh Resources. After our police report and its notification to Nui Lian Keong, whom represented himself as the owner of Sin Poh Resources we came to mediation with Mr.Nui who once again failed to meet our signed promissory note of delivery of our client’s goods. Once Mr. Lian Keong failed we contacted Insp. Douglas on September 9, 2012 ( at Klang station both by phone and e-mail. After a couple of weeks of communication he informed us that this case was transferred to Insp. Raja which was telling us that the investigation was on going however after 4 weeks he told us that he was not handling the case anymore, despite all the evidence that we had presented. Insp. Raja informed us that this case was now being handled by the “Headquarters” and the investigator will be Insp. Floneren who informed us that she never received the file; that this case was now being handled by Commercial Crime Department in Bukit Aman. Inspector Florean binti Gondoli of Kuala Langat.

Our clients have been dealing with SIN POH RESOURCES in Klang for over 3 years during this period Mr.Lian Keong Nui aka. Issac,represented himself as the sole owner of Sin Poh Resources. Our clients placed an order value at USD$16,500 at the start of February 2012 for harvesting tools as our clients distribute them to the oil palm industry in South America. Mr. Lian Keong Nui & Sin Poh Resources said that they will complete and ship this order by May, 2012. It is now February 2013 and our clients have not received these goods and the whereabouts of Mr.Lian Keong Nui are unknown. We spoke to his family which runs the business and they told us that Mr. Lian Keong Nui resigned to the company and is not the owner. Moreover, that Mr.Lian Keong Nui had told them to ignore us as we can't do anything to him or the company. Furthermore that he embezzled and for us to proceed with criminal actions. Mr.Lian Keong Nui sent us a SMS saying to give me a couple of more days which have turned into several months however as you will read further down it is just another lie to his web. Throughout this time we have tried to mediate to no availability.

On July 12, 2012 I filed a police report with serial number SG.JAROM/002134/12 at the Klang Police Station which can be used as reference. After filing the report Mr.Lian Keong Nui met with us and told us that he had indeed lied to us on several occasions yet he was going to compromise by signing a promissory note that stated yet not limited to delivering the goods, giving us confirmation to validate claims of export and to monetary compensate for an amount of USD$5,000 for our clients loss profit. This note was signed by Nui Lian Keong with ID number 810328 10 5397. Due to the time involve with litigation we extended that grace period to him as our main objective is to get the goods or to get a full refund to avoid the unnecessary ordeal of a civil case. The dateline on this note was August 24, 2012 yet once that date arrived, Mr.Lian Keong Nui once again had a series of lies and postponed shipment until September 20, 2012. Prior to this he was telling us via SMS as he refuses to answer the phone that everything was set for export yet once again this was an empty promise. Ms. Teoh wife to Mr.Nui informed us that her husband no longer lives at the family home and that he is not working with Sin Poh Resources. Based on this information we are very concerned that Mr.Lian Keong Nui will vanish from side leaving us without the paid goods or money.

At this stage our clients continue to lose money due to lack of inventory and sales; adding to this losing customer to their competition so the implications due to the lack of export are extraordinary. The register owner of Sin Poh Resources is Mr. Mr.Nui Lian Fook (Identity Card Number: 740508-10-5211 which is assuming no responsabilty however covering up for his brother Mr.Lian Nui Keong. It is our understanding that in Malaysia as a business, the owner is fully responsible for the debt/liability of the business as if the debt/liability are his/her own personal debt/liability. Mr. Nui Lian Fook, Mr.Nui Seng and Mr.Lian Keong Nui have scam and not comply with our agreement, it has been 1 year! PLEASE BE AWARE of the names above as they will STEAL your money, YOU WONT receive your goods! We assume this is not the first time they do this scam. BE AWARE! This had occurred before with a previous order as our client's didn't have a contract agreement. Even with a signed contract they still when ahead with the SCAM!Mr Seng No: +60162126895 Mr Fook No: +60162187003 SIN POH RESOURCES SCAM:+60331872441 we have a huge file eg. bank statements, e-mails, a history of transactions, SMS, etc as prove to their FRAUD AND SCAM!

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